Logging into a printer

You can now login to the WISS printers either with your print code (PIN) (if you have one) or with your WISS system username and password.

Equitrac Printer: Managing your print account

You can now manage your own print account by using the online printer webtools: 

The online tools will allow you to:

  1. Create a new print code (PIN)
  2. Change your existing print code
  3. View your current print code
  4. View your account balance
  5. View your account statement

Logging into the Equitrac Printer Web Login

Step 1: From a school computer, open a web browser and enter the URL (website address)

Step 2: In the 'User ID' box enter your WISS username. In the 'Password' box enter your WISS password. Press 'Login':


Step 3: Select 'User Dashboard':

Step 4: You should now see a screen with your printer details on it and a row of tabs to allow you to manage your print account. To create a new print code (PIN) or edit your existing print code click the tab 'Manage PINS'. 

To add a new PIN simply type in the number (between 1- 20 digits) then click the 'Change PINs' button:

Once you enter your PIN and Press 'Change PIN1' you should see the message 'PIN1 has been updated':

You should now be able to login using your new PIN or, alternatively, you can still login using your WISS username and password combination.

When you are finished remember to click the 'Logoff' link on the top right of the webpage.