Did you know that you can send a calendar invitation / meeting request using Outlook?

This effectively allows you to add attendees, check their calendar to see if they are free (before you send) and provide all the correct details about time, duration and place without then having to enter anything manually. You can even attach important notes, such as an agenda.


This saves your attendees time, helps them make a quick response to you and allows the data to be automatically entered into their Outlook calendar without any mistakes, just as you provided it. You can even set a reminder to go off a suitable amount of time before the meeting to remind them. Also, any later changes you might need to make to the meeting will be automatically applied to their existing appointment if they accept the changes.


If this sounds appealing and useful to you, then follow our guide on the WISS IT Support site: http://wissshanghai.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/4000050745



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