Your MacOS printer settings may look different depending on the version of MacOS you are running and the printer software/hardware you are accessing. The following example shows the Ricoh series of printers used at WISS on MacOS 10.14 and 10.15. For other versions of MacOS refer to the following guides from Apple - these show settings for MAcOS Monterey 12 - change the version dropdown to your preferred MacOS if yu are on some other version:

Example: MacOS Mojave (10.14) and Catalina (10.15)

  • Choose File > Print (or press Command-P). The Print dialog appears.
  • In your print dialogue box that appears when you select to print a document, select your printer. On a WISS-owned device this will be 'Ricoh colour printer'. On your personal device this will be 'WISS-PrintQ’
  • Next, click ‘Show Details' button to open your printer settings:

  • In the Print dialog, select a print preset under 'Presets', then click the dropdown list underneath that and select 'Printer Features'. Modify the settings as appropriate:

  •  Then EITHER
  • 1: Press 'Print'
  • OR
  • 2: Save your new settings so you reuse them again in the future. When you're ready to save the preset, click the 'Presets' dropdown list and choose 'Save Current Settings as Preset' then give your preset a descriptive name (e.g. 'Black-white A4', or 'Colour A4'). You can then press 'Print':