Outlined below is the process for requesting iPads apps to be installed on WISS-owned iPads. You will need to complete 1 form per-app requested:

  1. Ensure the app is available in the China App Store  (you'll need to search for it on an iPad)
    1. Open App Store
    2. Search for the app and open its details page
  2. Note the app's exact name and unique link or ID from the China App Store (you'll need to search for it on an iPad)
    1. App Link or ID on the China App Store: In the iPad's App Store, on your chosen app's detail page, click the SHARE icon and 'copy link' then paste it into the app request form.
  3. Note the cost of each licence
  4. Note the number of licences you require. You will need one licence per iPad you want the app installed on
  5. Note the WISS asset ID of each WISS iPad you want the app installed on (it's on the label on the back and also in your iPad's Settings > General > About > Name)
  6. If this is a PURCHASED app, please ensure you have completed a Purchase Request Form (PRF) and had it signed by your school section's Principal BEFORE completing the WISS iPad App Request Form
  7. Enter all of this information in the WISS iPad App Request Form
  8. Now, send an email to IT Support (techsupport@wiss.cn) informing them you have requested apps and have already completed the App Request form. If you are in PYP, please include the name of your class (G2Y, G5B. etc)
  9. Once IT has processed your request, we will push the app(s), and you can download them from the Self Service app on each of the WISS-owned iPads for which you requested licences
  10. If you accidentally delete an app you requested, you may re-download it. You will find all of the apps pushed to your WISS-owned iPad in the Self Service app. Click any app to download it. 

Scan this QR code to open the WISS iPad App Request Form: