As the damage resulted from mistreatment (even when unintentional) it is unlikely to be covered by our warranty.

As stated on page 5 of the WISS IT Acceptable use policy, which all staff and students were required to sign, "You are responsible for any WISS-owned portable device you are assigned, whether on or off campus, including any costs associated with loss or damage not covered by the warranty". This means that the cost of repair will be the responsibility of the person who caused the damage.

Procedure for repairing damaged WISS Mobile Devices

  1. Return the damaged laptop to WISS IT Support in A2.1.

  2. Once IT have the laptop they will send it off to the authorized repair center for assessment. 

  3. After damage assessment the authorized repair center will send WISS IT a quote for repair.

  4. Once received, IT will pass the quote to the appropriate Principal so they can contact the parents/guardians and ask them to pay the WISS Finance Dept for the repair cost.

  5. Payment repairs must be paid within 2-weeks of the responsible party receiving the repair quotation.

  6. Once the Finance Dept has received payment IT will instruct the authorized repair center to complete the repair.

Reference: WISS IT Acceptable Use Policy V2.pdf


WISS IT Acceptable Use Policy V2
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