If you would like to sync any document lists from any Sharepoint site to your local computer, you would log in to your WISS M365 account at http://o365.wiss.cn then navigate to the document list you want in your chosen Sharepoint site. Then press the SYNC button at the top. 

If you don't see SYNC you are probably only in the document list preview and need to click 'SEE ALL' on the top right of the list.

Once you press SYNC you will be asked which documents you'd like to sync then sync will begin. Each synced document library will then be listed separately in your File Explorer (in WinOS) with its own folder. It will be labelled with the name of the site, a dash then the name of the document list. In the example below, this is how it looks in File Explorer. Here, I have synced 2 documents lists from the Sharepoint site called WISS IT Team. One document list is called 'Documents' and the other is called 'Software':

Ticket: https://wissshanghai.freshdesk.com/helpdesk/tickets/35742


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On Mon, 9 Nov at 10:16 AM , Fiona Morris <fmorris@wiss.cn> wrote:

Can I please ask for help with how to set up sharepoint on my local computer so that I can drag and drop between sharepoints?



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